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Cody Bellmeyer


The values of Bellmeyer Law developed many years ago through a single promise uttered in the cherished moments of a quiet hospital room.  A simple and final request met with the promise to become an attorney.  Having come from a family which was nourished under the guidance of a patriarch and attorney, the promise took on a form that was greater than an academic goal.  It was a legacy.


Years later I made true on the promise by obtaining my juris doctorate from Whittier Law and becoming a member of the California State Bar.  I began advocating for clients throughout Southern California in religious freedoms disputes, constitutional right violations, real estate, employment disputes, and obtained the privilege of practicing before numerous courts throughout the State of California.  However, I could not accomplish any of those feats without the support of my wife or the love of my child who graciously undertook this journey alongside me.  


During 2020, the coronavirus pandemic forced many to undertake an introspective analysis on the importance of priorities and finite nature of life.  The bedside promise emphasized the importance of prioritizing family and inspired me to form Bellmeyer Law.  After witnessing the frustrations of litigation, I wanted to help individuals throughout the Inland Empire by taking proactive steps to minimize their legal exposure and safeguard their own time.  Too often unsuspecting individuals are drawn into avoidable litigation without the funds, time, or knowledge to obtain legal representation.  Even more often, these same individuals are forced to make a business decision to quickly dispose of a case rather than drag on years of litigation and burdensome attorney fees.  Rather than helping clients address the liability created though avoidable mistakes, Bellmeyer Law was established to help prevent unnecessary litigation by guiding individuals through existing, new, and emerging trends in California laws at the tips of their fingers.  As the founder of Bellmeyer Law, I look forward to giving further effect to the bedside promise by servicing the community through a modern practice which conforms to your day to day life.


J.D., Whittier Law

B.A., California Baptist University

Admitted to Practice

California State Courts

California State Bar Member (#326530)

U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California

In loving memory

Barbara W. Sirois and Robert M. Sirois, Esq.

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